15 Photoshop tutorials for product photography

Taking the photos is just the start of compelling product images. Adobe Photoshop’s image editing suite provides plenty of tools for perfecting and highlighting product images on the correct background. There are many useful Photoshop tutorials out there to easily create vibrant product images.

Here is a collection of Photoshop tutorials for product photography. There are short tutorials on unique tools and effects and longer tutorials on the entire process from photoshoot to final cut. Most of these tutorials are free, but a few include premium courses.

How to photograph products: photography and background retouching

Join photographer Ross Floyd as he discusses his approach to photographing a handmade leather bag. Follow while the image is taken in Photoshop to retouch and expand the background.

How to trim anything in Photoshop

Cutting a subject off its background is one of the most common tasks when editing product images. In this tutorial from Spoon Graphics, learn how to cut everything, even objects with fur or hair.

Background removal

In this tutorial, Akemi Hiatt, co-owner and creative director of ecommerce agency Hidden Gears, walks you through background removal in ecommerce images, post-production. Learn how to polish your product photographs and develop design consistency through a portfolio of images.


This tutorial shows how to add gradients to emphasize and add drama to a product image. Creating a gradient layer between your product and the background can make the element stand out.

Two-tone color

The two-tone effect can add visually stunning style to your image. Learn how to add additional gradient layers without affecting your source image.

Fall out

In product imaging, the blur effect may keep the subject in focus. This can be especially useful with lifestyle images.

Add shadows

In this tutorial, Akemi Hiatt adds shadow to a shoe to make it look like it’s floating. Shadows are a simple and effective way to add drama to a product image against a white background.

Pretend to be lying down

Akemi Hiatt shows two methods of adding shadows to create a hover effect on images above backgrounds. Learn how to use drop shadows and blurry shapes to create depth.


In this short tutorial, learn how to add highlights to your product images by creating reverse and faded gradient layers. Creating a reflective effect can enhance images of valuable goods, especially jewelry.

How to select and edit colors in Photoshop

Color is a powerful driver in any compelling product image. Learn how to change a color using a hue saturation adjustment layer and how to use a layer mask to turn color adjustments on or off for different parts of an image.

The fastest way to remove background in Photoshop CC 2020

Learn how to use Photoshop 2020’s new Remove Background tool to make quick and precise cutouts of people.

Clean and Remove Dust – Product Photography – Healing Brush Tool

After taking a photo of your product, even if it looks perfect, you might find dust and other small imperfections on closer inspection. Use the Spot Healing Brush tool to sprinkle and remove blemishes.

How to Design Ecommerce Graphics in Photoshop

In this tutorial from Dansky, a designer, learn how to create an assortment of web graphics in a variety of different sizes in Photoshop. Start with a product, tweak it, add text and a button, and create different sizes to find what works best.

The Ultimate Guide to Product Photography

This premium tutorial from Phlearn, the photography tutorial site, details the fundamentals of object lighting. Take the three-hour course to learn how to accurately represent products in an image.

How to retouch and compose product photography

How to retouch and photograph composite products.

In this tutorial, follow 10 professional product photo retouching from start to finish. Learn how to cut out objects, create crisp backgrounds, remove blemishes, reshape products, and explore advanced techniques. The premium course contains 49 videos and over 13 hours of content.

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