The 7 Best Free Alternatives to PowerPoint for Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around for a long time and so far it has served users well. However, since it is a paid program, not everyone can afford it.

Fortunately, there are many options available for users who want the functionality of Microsoft PowerPoint in a free package. In fact, some of them don’t even require any downloads and are completely web-based.

Google Slides edit screen

By far the most popular PowerPoint alternative, Google Slides shines when it comes to collaboration. Several people can work on a presentation at the same time and add new slides.

This is further reinforced by its availability. Google Slides works on your web browser and offers apps for iOS and Android.

Plus, Google Slides keeps track of all the changes users have made to a presentation, and you can easily restore your slideshow to a previous version. While anyone with a Gmail account can use Google Slides, G Suite users enjoy additional data protection.

Compared to PowerPoint, the number of templates, animation forms and fonts is somewhat lacking. However, companies tend to overlook these shortcomings on a daily basis.

Canva Presentation Creator.

While Canva is known primarily as a photo editor and design tool, it is also a competent MS PowerPoint alternative.

One of Canva’s main strengths is its ease of use. There are plenty of beginner tutorial videos on the website if there is something that users don’t understand. Complete beginners can easily navigate the minimalist interface.

With the free version of Canva, you have access to over 8,000 presentation templates that exponentially speed up your workflow. Plus, Canva remains one of the easiest services for creating infographics and charts.

The only limitation with Canva is that it offers a basic set of tools and transitions available to users. It is obvious that the company places more emphasis on photo editing and the design aspect than anything else.

Prezi presentation editing screen.

The Prezi presentation format is unique in the way it allows you to view slides. Instead of tackling multiple elements at once, Prezi gives viewers a single canvas that allows them to zoom into different parts of the presentation. It provides a much more immersive experience.

Similar to Google Slides, Prezi supports real-time collaboration of up to 10 users. Users can also add comments to indicate changes or report missing information. Prezi works in any modern web browser, and Android and iOS apps are also available.

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Prezi software also has an analysis feature that helps users optimize their presentation by showing them which slides were viewed the most as well as which ones were skipped.

Even though the basic version of Prezi is free, it doesn’t allow users to control the privacy of their presentation, which could be a big deal for many. Plus, because of the way Prezi works, there’s a steep learning curve associated with it.

WPS Office Web Presentation Builder

WPS Office is the closest alternative to PowerPoint when it comes to functionality and user interface. Also, unlike other web services on this list, you don’t always need an active internet connection to use it.

With full support for PowerPoint files, users can easily edit existing PowerPoint documents in WPS Office. They can also embed videos and animate individual objects, just like in Microsoft PowerPoint. It also offers many templates, so that users can choose their favorite.

However, users should keep in mind that although the software is free, it is supported by advertisements, which can be a bit intrusive at times. In addition, collaboration is less easy than with Google Slides.

WPS Office is available on all major platforms such as Windows, macOS, Linux. iOS and Android. A web version is also available. You can also refer to this how-to guide to help ease your transition to Microsoft’s WPS Office.

Web application for creating Xtensio presentations.

Xtensio is one of the best options for business users. It has a lot of templates available regarding various organizational sections like marketing, UX design, etc.

Thanks to Xtensio’s user-friendly interface, even beginners can create professional-looking reports and presentations. In addition, they offer even greater flexibility in terms of design. You can modify each object in a template to suit your specific needs.

But it has a few flaws. On the one hand, users cannot export their presentations to PowerPoint format. Also, the free version only supports one user at a time with 1MB storage space.

LibreOffice Impress presentation software edit screen

Image credits: LibreOffice

LibreOffice is open source presentation software that does everything PowerPoint can do. While it lacks features like OneDrive integration, its PowerPoint-like functionality more than makes up for it.

LibreOffice has its share of useful features, such as the ability to import Keynote files. In addition, LibreOffice offers a large collection of free templates that users can use to create their presentations.

If that is not enough, you can download additional templates from the LibreOffice online repository. LibreOffice is available on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Zoho Show Presentation Creator

There are several reasons to use Zoho Show for your next presentation. It’s a great presentation tool similar to Google Slides, but even better. Users can also import and edit all of their PowerPoint files in the online tool.

Users can create tables, infographics, and data charts in Zoho Show itself. On top of that, the service also has a built-in Google image search feature that lets you quickly find and insert images.

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Additionally, Zoho Show supports real-time collaboration and multiple users can edit presentations. While there isn’t much to complain about in Zoho Show, many users would like to have more options when it comes to models and animations.

Worthy PowerPoint alternatives

Essentially, all of these tools and services work the same as PowerPoint without the cost. In addition, the web-based alternatives are more advanced, such as automatic backup and cloud storage.

Despite this, PowerPoint remains the leader in presentation software. As such, it is important that users know how to get the most out of its features.

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Microsoft Teams update should take all the pain out of PowerPoint presentations

Suffering “death by PowerPoint” may soon be a thing of the past when it comes to video conferencing thanks to a new update for Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has revealed that its online video platform will soon receive an upgrade designed to bring Teams and PowerPoint, with WindowsLatest become familiar with the new offer.

The new PowerPoint Live feature will allow presenters to start presentations right in a Microsoft Teams meeting without the need to share your screen with the public, hopefully removing compatibility and privacy concerns for good.

PowerPoint live

PowerPoint Live is now available for Office Insider users (although you will need an Office 365 E3 / A3 / E5 / A5 or Microsoft 365 government license), with a wider rollout slated for later this year. .

Starting a presentation is as easy as clicking the new “Show in Teams” button in PowerPoint, allowing the presenter to navigate on their device between different apps and windows without the audience seeing anything.

Presenters will also be able to use a single view to take care of their slides, notes, and chat in one view.

Accessing the chat window directly next to the presentation should mean presenters don’t miss any urgent questions or prompts, and also allows participants to click hyperlinks and videos in the presentation at any time.

The appearance of the presentation to the audience can also be customized, with speakers available to offer a grid review feature and see all of their audience in one place at once.

The news will be welcome for those featured in future webinars, and comes shortly after Microsoft Teams has made its plea to become the go-to online meeting platform.

An update to Microsoft’s roadmap appears to see Teams supporting interactive webinars soon for people inside and outside of an organization with up to 1,000 attendees.

The new Microsoft Teams feature will help users support fully interactive webinars from start to finish, offering tools like personalized registration, rich presentation options, host controls such as the ability to turn off the chat and video of attendees and post-event reports.

If the webinar exceeds 1,000 users, Microsoft Teams can move on instead providing a read-only broadcast experience to 10,000 people.

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