Hearing Problems Lekshmy R and Parvathy R Host Indian Sign Language YouTube Tutorials on CADRRE Channel

With nimble fingers and expressive faces, two confident young women are fluent in explaining the importance of International Sign Language Day, which falls on September 23. Their explanation is entirely in Indian Sign Language (ISL) and the two women, Lekshmy R and Parvathy R, The Art Teachers of the Center for Research and Education on Autism and the Rehabilitation of Other People with Disabilities (CADDRE) explain why ISL is a mark of their identity as hearing impaired people. Closed captions and a voiceover help them reach those who don’t understand ISL.

Produced by CADRRE, the video is part of a series of YouTube tutorials on ISL for parents of children with communication challenges and anyone interested in learning another language.

“During this time, when our students are at home, we thought it would be a good time to contact parents of children with communication problems with videos on ISL. At some point, they can also use them to teach their children. This is how these videos were conceptualized. We hope to upload five videos in one week, ”says Renuka Remesan, CADDRE technical advisor.

After years of working with the hearing impaired, Renuka is the mentor to those who teach and perform ISL. She says ethically there is a line of thinking that sign language is best taught by hearing-impaired and speaking people themselves, as it is their “natural language”, medium and brand. of their identity. Thus, hearing-impaired twins Lekshmy and Parvathy were associated with the project to raise awareness of the importance of ISL.

The signature may also be effective for people with autism because of the repetition of the sign in the same visual location, allowing them to process and validate the sign and its meaning as well as speech in long-term memory, a statement from CADRRE said. .

Lekshmy R and Parvathy R

“And those who wish can also learn the language to converse with those who have communication problems. My son, Saarang A, for example, learned the language from YouTube tutorials. I observed that all of these videos were made by people whose mother tongue was not sign language. That’s when I thought of similar videos of Lekshmy and Parvathy fluent in ISL, ”says Malini Unnithan, Center Coordinator, Head, CADRRE.

In a WhatsApp message, Lekshmy says they first learned American Sign Language at Gallaudet University in Washington DC. “We started learning ISL recently and we are both very happy to speak in sign language. My son understands sign language a bit, ”she says on WhatsApp.

Each video tutorial contains 10 words expressed in ISL and each word is viewed by Mohit and Dhanush, five year old sons of Lekshmy and Parvathy.

Parvathy adds that her son can lip read, so communication hasn’t been difficult at all.

The first of the videos aired on CADRRE’s YouTube channel on September 23. With subtitles and audio and visual cues, the videos are easy to understand. The screenplay is by Renuka and the voiceover is by her and Lekshmi Nair, CADRRE’s senior advisor. The assembly was carried out by Radhika SB, responsible for communications at the Center.

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Crystal Launches CruiseBuilder Video Tutorials for Travel Partners – Cruise Industry News

Crystal has deployed a series of training videos featuring step-by-step instructions on using the features of CruiseBuilder, Crystal’s online booking engine, according to a press release.

The topics of these super short, easy-to-follow videos – each less than a minute long – include how to check availability, how to check prices, and how to get a quick quote, among other things to show off the ease and simplicity of the process. booking process for travel counselors.

Additional videos will be added in the future.

“Our partners continually express their appreciation for the efficiency and ease of CruiseBuilder and these videos are an additional layer of information to help ensure the system is accessible to everyone,” said Carmen Roig, senior vice president of marketing and Crystal sales. “We strive to take all guesswork out of the process so that travel counselors can focus on providing the best service to their clients, which is the ultimate goal for all of us. “

Crystal’s CruiseBuilder platform – and all RPC resources – are at the fingertips of travel counselors 24/7.

The dynamic platform is continually being improved to make the booking process as seamless as possible – recent updates include new booking search options and a canceled booking

Roig will host an Insider Insights webinar for travel counselors on Thursday, August 20 at 1 p.m. ET, a monthly opportunity for travel professionals to keep up to date with the latest updates from Crystal. During this month’s webinar, Crystal’s Director of Digital Marketing Julie Freedman will provide CruiseBuilder training to help travel counselors.

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Crystal Launches CruiseBuilder Video Tutorials for Travel Partners

Crystal has deployed a series of training videos on how to use the features of CruiseBuilder, its online booking engine.

Topics for these videos – each less than a minute long – include “How to Check Availability”, “How to Check Prices” and “How to Get a Quick Quote” with the aim of demonstrating the simplicity of the reservation process for advisors. on trips. More videos will be added in the future.


In fashion now

The first four tutorials can be found in the Crystal Partner Resource Center (PRC) under Tips & Features in the Training Tools section of the site.

“Our partners continually express their appreciation for the efficiency and ease of CruiseBuilder and these videos are an additional layer of information to help ensure the system is accessible to everyone,” said Carmen Roig, senior vice president of marketing and Crystal sales. “We strive to take all guesswork out of the process so that travel counselors can focus on providing the best service to their clients, which is the ultimate goal for all of us. “

Crystal’s CruiseBuilder platform and all PRC resources are available 24/7. Recent updates include new reservation search options and a view of canceled reservations.

Roig will host an Insider Insights webinar for travel counselors at 1 p.m. ET on August 20. Crystal’s Director of Digital Marketing Julie Freedman will provide CruiseBuilder training to assist travel counselors. Advisors can register for the webinar through the PRC portal and this link.

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TikTok launches new tutorial mini-site to help brands get the most out of its tools

TikTok has launched a new Tutorial platform to provide lessons on how to use the platform’s various tools, to help brands maximize their presence on TikTok.

The platform promises to help brands:

  • “Tell your brand’s story the TikTok way”
  • Understand “how consumers, brands and designers are exploiting the hype”
  • “Understand how to measure success with exclusive insights”

A link to the platform was posted by Sam schmir on Twitter, and shared by Matt Navarre, and appears to be from the UK, given the platform’s web address (https://tiktoktutorials.uk/).

The sessions offered include overviews of various TikTok tools and features, which you can access through email registration.

TikTok Tutorials

But enrollment is currently limited – when I tried to access the courses, I got a notification that my agency “was not on the list” and I needed to email TikTok directly . This may mean that the tutorials are limited to the region – we reached out to TikTok for more information.

But when you can access the courses, you can undertake some sort of TikTok certification, which ultimately rewards you with this badge:

TikTok Tutorials

The program appears to be similar to Facebook Blueprint courses and Twitter flight school, covering all the key elements on how to get the most out of each platform.

And that could certainly be beneficial for TikTok, as more and more brands look to tap into the rising platform to maximize their reach, especially with a younger audience.

As long as TikTok keeps running, of course. Negotiations on the future of the app are ongoing, but it seems likely that they will eventually find a way to make the app work, which should make it a relevant consideration for marketers.

You can consult the Tutorials mini-page yourself and request access via this link.

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Version 1.8 and new Kubernetes tutorials

After the launch of Consul 1.8, the HashiCorp team published a set of new practical tutorials to deploy and use the service mesh capabilities of HashiCorp Consul on Kubernetes. The release of version 1.8 aims to enable the gradual adoption and expansion of a service mesh in a range of VM and container-based environments through the use of mesh gateways and ingress and gateway gateways. termination (released in beta). While “extending the mesh” is clearly a popular theme in this release, the focus of the new tutorials suggests that Kubernetes is an important deployment target for HashiCorp customers.

According to the Consul blog post, written by Neena Pemmaraju, Director of Product Management at Hashicorp, Consul 1.8 adds features that “lower the barrier to entry for the adoption of a service mesh in heterogeneous environments”. It does this mainly by relying on the existing mesh gateway and the introduction of a number of new gateways that enable inbound and outbound integrations with a Consul service mesh deployment. This release also adds new corporate Consul (commercial) features that enable identity-based authentication and help meet compliance and regulatory requirements through audit logging.

Consul’s mesh gateway functionality enables the routing of service mesh traffic between different Consul data centers. As noted in the Consul documentation, these data centers can reside in different clouds or runtime environments where general interconnectivity between all services in all data centers is not possible. The latest version of Consul sees the addition of a “WAN Federation over mesh gateway” feature.

Consular data centers must be “WAN joins”For the proper functioning of the mesh gateways, as this allows all the nodes of the Consul server to be able to communicate with each other through the data centers. Previously, this meant that all data centers had to be connected using a VPN or other network tunneling mechanism. The new mesh WAN federation gateway feature simplifies multi-cluster and multi-data center Consul federated data centers by sending all traffic between data centers through mesh gateways.

Among the two new gateways introduced in beta, the entrance gateway aims to provide a “fast path” to allow applications that reside outside the service mesh to communicate with services inside the mesh. Although implemented via Sent proxy, this gateway does not seem to be an alternative for a complete network edge proxy or API gateway.

Finish the gateways allow applications that reside in the service mesh to communicate with existing services outside the mesh. They terminate Connect mTLS connections, apply access control to services intentions, and forward the requests to the appropriate destination. As discussed by the co-founder of HashiCorp Mitchell Hashimoto in the Consul 1.8 launches live streaming, potential external services include legacy systems or cloud-managed services, both of which may not allow the installation of a Consular officer which is required for the compute nodes to join the consular network and the mesh.

The newly released Kubernetes Hands-On Tutorials Consul provide practical work on the features of Consul 1.8 in addition to providing tutorials focusing on the following topics: using the features and benefits of Consul’s service mesh; configure and deploy Consul with the official Helm charter; the deployment of microservices in the Consul service network; and secure service-to-service communication with proxies and sidecar intentions.

The topics of mesh expansion and multi-cluster support are currently popular within the service mesh ecosystem. In a recent InfoQ podcast dedicated to the Istio 1.5 version, Lin Sun and Neeraj Poddar discussed mesh expansion in the context of the future of service mesh technology. The Buoyant team also recently published Linkerd 2.8 which supports “Simple and Secure Multi-Cluster Kubernetes”.

Consul 1.8 is now available in public beta, with general availability to follow. The 1.8 changelog contains a detailed list of changes and bug fixes. Binaries can be downloaded via the outings site.

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Containment courses: cooking tutorials with chefs from around the world

Our appetite for online masterclasses and expert-led tutorials grew voracious during the lockdown. To meet that hunger, a cavalry of chefs have arrived to offer newly designed digital lessons, demonstrations, and hands-on tutorials to help you take your home cooking to the next level. Now is the time to go on an adventure and learn from great chefs and great restaurants who suddenly have more free time.

We’re not just talking about fine-tuning your standard spag bowl, but also taking a journey into the unknown, discovering the flavors, ingredients and methods of renowned chefs, food producers and cocktail mixologists. of the whole world. They share the truth about everything from region-specific pasta dishes and the best use of spices in Indian cuisine to how to handle a knife like a seasoned sous-chef. Many of these tutorials respond to the edges of the crisis by offering recipes adapted to the ingredients of store cupboards and by making them accessible to all chef talents at home. So whether you want a two-minute Instagram tutorial or an in-depth half-hour webinar, there has never been a better time to learn from the pros while simultaneously eating your way around the world.

Chetna Makan

Former champion of The Great British Cake, Indian cuisine empresario Chetna Makan is boosting her impressive online presence with Cook with Me, a series that aims to help viewers create tasty meals using basic store cabinet ingredients. Whether you are looking for really simple recipes or pretend you have no prowess in the kitchen, these are recipes Chetna thinks you will succeed in making. The offerings include spicy potatoes with onions, chicken fried rice, and a coffee, nut and chocolate cake.
Where? Her Youtube channel
When: Many 10-11 minute tutorials are already downloaded, ready to view.
More information: chetnamakan.co.uk

Massimo Bottura

Italian national treasure and champion of Emilia-Romagna cuisine, Massimo Bottura has made isolation a source of enthusiasm. The maestro has launched Kitchen Quarantine cooking classes, in which he guides viewers step by step through recipes such as bollito salad, tortellini and an ‘all mac and cheese’ dinner – all free, including a live Instagram Q&A after each show for troubleshooting (its regular masterclasses cost around € 90 / £ 78). There are few chefs more radiant with positivity than Bottura, and watching him broadcast ‘you can do’ classes from his home in northern Italy will certainly be an inspiration to even the most serious home cooks. jaded.
Where? instagram.com/massimobottura
When? Every day at 7 p.m.
More information: osteriafrancescana.it/massimo-bottura/

Bread in advance

If you’re looking for full carb-loading comfort (and who isn’t right now?), Try a masterclass from Bread Ahead, the London bakery that’s now proven online. So far we’ve indulged in the Hot Buns tutorial, but there are plenty of more adventurous recipes out there, such as Italian amaretti cookies and French country breads. And if you prefer the written word when it comes to home learning, you can now download the Bread Ahead Cookbook for as little as £ 5.
Where? Instagram Live, and featured on Stories for 24 hours after. instagram.com/breadheadbakery
When? Usually 2pm every day. Check out the Bread Ahead thread for dates and times for the tutorial.
More information: painahead.com

The Athenian

London’s iconic Greek food spot will not be stopped by the lockdown, continuing to offer not only a select menu of dishes to its nearby patrons, but also cooking classes around the world via Instagram. Co-founder Tim Vasilakis broadcasts live cooking lessons, teaching viewers how to make favorite dishes from the Athenian’s menu, including a simple tzatziki, Santorini tomato croquettes, spicy feta dip, homemade gyroscopes and chocolate mosaiko.
Where? instagram.com/theathenianuk
When? Every Saturday at 7 p.m.
More information: theathenian.co.uk

Arun Kapil

Anglo-Indian TV chief Arun Kapil has started a series of free online courses from his coastal farm in County Cork. Guaranteed to bring some color back to your kitchen, Kapil’s introduction to spices, spice blends and the history of commerce is a dynamic culinary education. The ‘cook with simple spices’ tutorial aims to liven up meals such as Irish rarebit and chili fried egg, while the ‘cook with spices for vegetables’ course features root vegetable cooking that will appeal to you. to all. At the end of each session, a summary of the next is provided to allow time to research missing ingredients or find suitable substitutes.
Where? instagram.com/arunkapil1
When? Eight 20-minute classes over four weeks (from April 13), organized twice a week on Monday and Friday at 4 p.m.
More information: greensaffron.com/about-arun/


Tune in to see a team of five-star chefs share their favorite recipes via Instagram Live as part of an initiative put together by Justine Murphy, founder of Mymuybueno – a luxury and lifestyle restaurant business that includes a cooking school, a delicatessen and a private chef’s agency for luxury yachts. Atul Kochhar, Alex Dilling, Tony Parkin, Emma Bengtsson and Adam Handling will take over the Mymuybueno Instagram account, seeking to boost morale and spread the joy of home cooking with recipes from around the world.
Where? instagram.com/mymuybuenochefs
When? Every Thursday at 2 p.m.
More information: mymuybuenoprivatechefs.com

Salvatore Calabrese

If there’s ever been a time to dive into the dark arts of the breakfast martini, it’s now. And if you want to do it in style, follow the lead of bartender Salvatore ‘The Maestro’ Calabrese. Former legend of London’s iconic Dukes Hotel and current director of Brown’s Hotel’s Donovan Bar, Calabrese is now mixing drinks from his home bar via Instagram and teaching staples like negroni and spicy fifty. Hotel bars are often a haven for discerning cocktail lovers, and while their doors are closed, many offer an alcoholic boost via Instagram tutorials, including Langham’s Artesian Bar and the Savoy. The latter brings together the best minds in mixology from around the world, sharing tips and tricks under the banner of The Booze Brain.
Where? instagram.com/cocktailmaestro
When? Daily (or pretty much).
More information: salvatore-calabrese.fr

Damien wawrzyniak

The ambassador of Polish cuisine is preparing a storm on just about every channel: sign up for private one-on-one Skype tutorials through his Twitter account, follow video tutorials on his YouTube channel, or take cooking classes. making sourdough bread and discover dry sourdoughs. dissemination via its website. Get festive this weekend and learn how to make Easter babka – a sweet, yeasty Polish Easter cake that looks a bit like an Italian panettone – following a recipe led by Wawrzyniak and Mary Berry.
Where? instagram.com/Consultant and his Youtube channel
When? Several times a week.
More information: chefconsultant.fr

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7 virtual hangouts, tutorials and online escape

Let’s face it – we need some kind of invigorating experiences during this time. And while we maintain our social distancing, we also need to keep our brains moving and make the most of the situation we find ourselves in right now.

That’s why we’ve put together some virtual ideas to keep you alert and regain a sense of normalcy, as well as to give you ideas on how you can help those in need.


Get to know hosts who share their expertise and a window to their world, meet people from all over the world while learning something new together, and do it from the comfort of your own home. Learn magic tricks, cook, learn technique, meditate with Buddhist monks! You name it! It’s probably over there!

Visit airbnb.com/s/experiences/online for more information.


Hosted by Detroit PAL and Quicken Loans Community Fund and artist Phil Simpson, court designs for the Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans Sports Zone will transform! Log on to our Facebook Live to watch Phil as he begins the design process and talks about his own experience with PAL and the great city of Detroit!

The event link can be found here.


Although the program passed, Dykema was kind enough to upload their webinar slides and the audio recording for your viewing and listening pleasure. Click here for more information.


Unity From a Distance is a virtual art exhibition and fundraising event designed, created and organized by Brandon F. Ottenbacher as a way to raise funds and create free promotions for independent and independent artists who know financial setbacks due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Not only will Unity provide crucial financial assistance, but it will also allow people to enjoy visual art, music and creative networking opportunities, safely and from the comfort of their own homes.

All donations (tickets) will go towards the loss of our artist’s salary, the creation of new art projects, the further development of online virtual events and collaborations, and it will also help us prepare for the unexpected.

Access will be granted with a link and password sent by email for any donation of $ 5 or more.
If you donated more than $ 10 to Unity I, you will receive a free link and password for Unity II.

The link to the event can be found here.


Live Nation shares that “Just because we keep our distance doesn’t mean the music has to stop. Join us daily for live broadcasts from around the world – follow artists live from their homes as they share music, stories and more.

You can access concerts, interviews and more on their website at livenation.com/livefromhome.


Dinner Drink Detroit and office, in partnership with the City of Detroit and other players in the hospitality industry, presents Curbside Restaurant Weeks, a movement to support restaurants in Detroit, the Detroit Metro and beyond, starting Wednesday, April 1 until food service can resume. Unlike a traditional catering week, curbside catering weeks will go on and on until the crisis is completely behind us. As restaurants adapt, this event is intended to provide a hub of information on who is responsible for delivery and delivery with links for you to order.

To learn more, visit event link here.


DetroitHelpHub.com was launched as an online resource to virtually buy, order, donate, support and participate in businesses, restaurants and events in Greater # Detroit during this time. It is a user-friendly tool and the resource is free and open to any business, restaurant, creation or virtual activity in Greater Detroit. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE!

To find more information, Click here.

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Government teaches tribals why social distancing, hand washing is important with digital tutorials

A tribal woman in Ulihatu, a village dominated by ST in the Khunti district. (representative image) | Photo: Moushumi Das Gupta / ThePrint

Text size:

New Delhi: The Tribal Cooperative Marketing Development Federation of India (TRIFED), under the Department of Tribal Affairs, worked with UNICEF to develop a digital communications strategy to spread awareness of the coronavirus in the tribal areas of the country.

The campaign will be carried out through a digital campaign with the help of self-help groups (SHG).

UNICEF provided virtual training content that will be used during Van Dhan Vikas Kendras open to tribals across the country. The tutorials will educate tribes on essential preventative measures to take – measures such as social distancing, hand washing and disinfection.

The Van Dhan Vikas Kendras are centers for the collection and distribution of minor forest products brought in by the tribes. They are part of the Pradhan Mantri Van Dhan Yojana (PMVDY), a flagship program of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs.

Kendras help tribal communities sell minor forest products to state agencies at a fixed minimum price. A total of 1,205 Van Dhan Vikas Kendras support 18,075 SHG Van Dhan across the country. As a first step, 15,000 of these self-help groups will be promoted as Van Dhan social distancing awareness and livelihood centers.

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TRIFED webinar organized for training

TRIFED hosted a webinar on Thursday afternoon to facilitate a training of trainers. In the three hour webinar, TRIFED MD Pravir Krishna and his team organized a training session for 3,000 trainers who in turn will contact the tribal families working with them.

During the meeting, Krishna also explained how the tribal centers envision the production of masks and soaps using local products.

“We realized that soaps are essential to maintain hygiene and prevent Covid-19. We will contact our VDVKs and explore the soap and mask manufacturing areas using forest and minor non-wood products, ”Krishna said during the webinar. “We will group them together in the TRIFED centers to make sure they can be sent to areas that need them. “

The aim of this webinar is to reach as many trainers as possible, Krishna said, adding that TRIFED aims to educate 50 tribal lakhs across the country.

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Ministry wants states to continue sourcing forest products

In a letter written Tuesday to 15 state governments, Union Tribal Affairs Minister Arjun Munda urged node state agencies to purchase minor forest products (MFPs) at the minimum support price ( MSP) as soon as possible. He added that tribal communities are the most vulnerable in this situation due to their marginalization and economic status amid the lockdown.

The 15 states he spoke to are Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Assam and Andhra Pradesh.

He also pointed out that since it is the peak season for collecting and harvesting minor forest products (MFPs) and non-wood forest products (NTFPs), proactive measures must be taken to ensure not only the well-being tribals but also that of their economy. .

The letter also mentioned that funds have been made available to these 15 states under the PMVDY and that additional funds, if necessary, will be made available by the Department of Tribal Affairs.

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Why the news media is in crisis and how to fix it

India is all the more in need of free, fair, uninhibited and questioning journalism as it is facing multiple crises.

But the news media are in a crisis of their own. There have been brutal layoffs and pay cuts. The best of journalism is shrinking, giving in to crass spectacle in prime time.

ThePrint has the best young reporters, columnists and editors working there. To maintain journalism of this quality, it takes smart, thoughtful people like you to pay the price. Whether you live in India or abroad, you can do it here.

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Getting started with Twinmotion 2020: tips, tricks and tutorials

Getting started with Twinmotion 2020: tips, tricks and tutorials

With Twinmotion 2020.1 now available, the software is fast becoming the go-to visualization tool for professionals working in architecture, interior design, town planning and landscaping, for everything from residential property design to provide VR walkthroughs of large-scale infrastructure projects. The last version raises the bar for realism and includes new features for presenting and reviewing projects.

Much of the success of the Twinmotion lies in its ease of use. Going from a CAD or BIM model to an interactive 3D experience is simple and straightforward in Twinmotion, with no lengthy or complex processes required. And in addition to a simple and intuitive interface that makes learning easy, there are a range of online learning resources available to get users started with the tool. This article will explore a few of them.

To start

In the Unreal Online Learning library, an introductory course in Twinmotion provides a comprehensive overview of everything new users need to know to start using the tool. They will learn how to add life to their scenes using the built-in tools and resources, as well as how to produce designs in the form of images, panoramas, videos and virtual reality.

Courtesy of Twinmotion
Courtesy of Twinmotion

For those looking to understand how the tool can speed up their archviz workflow, this Quick architectural visualization webinar explores the types of projects the software is best suited for and takes a deep dive into some of the features that will get you the most out of Twinmotion.

One-click import of BIM and CAD assets

Assets can be imported from almost any 3D modeling solution in Twinmotion. The tool supports 21 file formats, including FBX, C4D, OBJ, and SKP. Twinmotion also offers direct one-click sync with ARCHICAD, Revit, SketchUp Pro, RIKCAD, and now Rhino (including Grasshopper), dramatically reducing the time it takes to import data from these software packages.

ARCHICAD users can watch the webinar explaining how to use direct link to import and work with ARCHICAD data in Twinmotion, while a webinar for SketchUp users explains how to use the SketchUp direct link. To learn how to use resources from vendors such as Quixel, AXYZ, Turbosquid, and Xfrog, users can watch Epic’s webinar at import and work with external resources in Twinmotion.

Courtesy of Twinmotion
Courtesy of Twinmotion

Beyond the Basics

Once users have mastered the basics, they can turn to a comprehensive knowledge base that covers everything from how to create phasing animation To creation of PBR materials To prototyping in VR.

There is also an active and passionate community of Twinmotion users who have created many of his own videos to help beginners learn the ropes. These cover topics ranging from “how to get started with rendering” to in-depth dives into the functionality of Twinmotion. The Twinmotion official community group on Facebook is a great place to visit for tips and tricks from other users, as well as to take a look at some of the inspiring archvizs created by the community.

How to get Twinmotion 2020

Twinmotion 2020 is now available for purchase with a special introductory 50% discount, with free updates for all new versions until December 31, 2021. As a special thank you to the early adopters, those who downloaded the previous version of Twinmotion are automatically entitled to get free Twinmotion 2020; users just need to install it from the Epic Games launcher.

Courtesy of Twinmotion
Courtesy of Twinmotion

There is also a free unlimited trial version available for those who want to test features before purchasing or working on non-commercial projects, and a free educational version for students and teachers. All options are visible on the Get Twinmotion page.

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